IT Support + Cyber Support

IT Support with protection isn’t enough in today’s ever-evolving, security-focused world.

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IT Support + Cyber Support Service Features

Remote Management & Monitoring

Constant, around the clock remote management and monitoring for devices, facilitated by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

  • Allows access and control over all business machines and devices, effortlessly with a simple click.
  • Empower employees with lightning-fast access to IT Support experience swift issue resolution firsthand.
  • Automatically takes proactive measures to rectify and mend concerns prior to their escalation into critical issues.



Unlimited IT Support

With our Unlimited IT support, there’s no cap on the number of phone calls, emails, or tickets you submit to our top-tier technicians.

  • Eliminate unexpected costs, with one straightforward monthly payment.​
  • Peace of Mind - ​you shouldn’t have to worry about your staff calling IT for help.
  • Get help with no increase in costs or fees

SentinelOne - Endpoint Detection & Response

Equip every endpoint and workload —no matter their location or connectivity— to respond intelligently against cyber threats with powerful static & behavioral AI, all powered by SentinelOne.​

  • Harness the protection favored by Fortune 500 companies.
  • Safeguard against ransomware with a $1 million guarantee.
  • Shield your enterprise from threats, both external and internal

Live Support

Experience hands-on, assistance accessible across all your devices, whenever and wherever you need it. We are here for you.

  • Reveal hidden operational bottlenecks to boost overall business efficiency.
  • Slash technology-induced employee downtime by an impressive 65% on average, within the first year.
  • Engage directly with our dedicated AFI Technologies team – no third-party call centers or vendors in the mix.

Vendor Liaison

No more complicated hardware and software procurement processes – you can count on our experienced specialists to do it for you. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

  • Eradicate complicated and time-consuming interactions with tech vendors.​ We’ll communicate on your behalf and keep you updated every step of the way.
  • Enjoy your free time, as AFI Technologies takes charge of sourcing, purchasing, and scheduling seamless installation, all on your behalf.
  • Take advantage of your extended warranties and vendor incentives, all through us.

Fast-Track Support

Say goodbye to prolonged waits – get critical issues addressed within hours, not days or weeks, and ultimately prevent productivity losses.

  • Guaranteed resolution of tech-related issues, in a timely manner​.
  • Empower your employees with seamless access to tools essential for success.
  • Safeguard your costs by avoiding expensive downtimes that can potentially impact your finances directly.

Virtual​ CIO

Empower your business with an additional player - us as your Virtual Chief Information Officer, enabling you to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

  • Implement company-wide operational IT policies and procedures, with us as your counsel.
  • Get the efficiency, flexibility and expertise you need.
  • Reduce your expenses – companies on average spend $70,000+ developing and implementing internal tech policies.
  • Stay Current with technology trends and the latest security demands, ensuring your business’ competitive stance remains unshaken.

Business Backup + Recovery

Experience peace of mind - we maintain the security of your company's priceless assets.

  • Prevent catastrophic data loss with our cutting-edge backup solutions.
  • Shield your data treasures through a trifecta of Cloud + On-Site + Redundant backups.
  • Reduce Costs by over $50,000 annually, mitigating expenses related to data recovery and legal fees.

Email Security

Prevent malicious emails proactively, before they infiltrate ​your organization’s mailboxes.

  • Ensure round-the-clock email security, with access through an intuitive web portal.​
  • Reduce the odds of ransomware, malware, and phishing via email.
  • Enjoy secure client communications via email, without all the disruptions.​

URL Threat Protection

URL Threat Protection stops employees from visiting malicious and/or inappropriate sites. We’re backed by the largest global AI DNS network in the industry.

  • Detect threats 7 days sooner with the world’s fastest DNS resolver.
  • Reduce employee error with an AI that blocks malicious URLs​.
  • Manage access with a versatile multi-purpose Cloud and On-Premises URL filter​.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Shield your workforce from brute force and phishing attacks through robust MFA and Trusted Devices.

  • Fulfill the requirements for strict industry compliance requiring multi-factor authentication.
  • Educate employees on careful password entry practices.
  • Detect hacking attempts and stay informed with real-time alerts.

Dark Web Monitoring

  • Stay ahead of the curve, as hackers persistently try to breach systems in attempt to exploit personal and corporate data for gains.

    • Stay Informed and find out the moment your information is up for sale to the highest bidder.
    • Guaranteed 24/7/365 human and machine-powered monitoring of business and personal credentials, including domains, IP addresses and email addresses.
    • Uncover and get alerts about your compromised credentials in dark web markets, data dumps and other sources, giving you the advantage to act before cybercriminals do.
    • Be Prepared for imminent threat and compliance regulations regarding data breaches.
    • Safeguard your assets against daily evolving external threats and ensure your protection.

Defense Training

Equip your team with indispensable, hands-on training to enhance your security and make it harder for hackers and cybercriminals attempting to infiltrate your organization. Researchers from Stanford University found that approximately 88% of all data breaches are caused by an employee mistake.

  • Save $5000+ annually in industry standard training costs.
  • Access unlimited training on a flexible schedule.
  • Educate employees to safely identify and stop future threats before they happen, preventing potential leaks of confidential data.
  • Certify your employees and aligning with regulatory compliance requirements.


  • Phishing simulation, security training, and testing, in a single solution.
  • New content added every month to reflect the latest threats.
  • Tracking and reporting tools for campaigns, with training results both on the organization and individual user levels. to optimize training effectiveness.

Password Manager

Elevate your password protection and counter the most common vulnerability – shared or reused passwords.

  • Equip employees with a master password that securely manages the rest.
  • Safeguard against potential exploitation by internal employees or previous ones.
  • Enhance your control over password security – effortlessly revoke access from a user by the simple click a button.

Office 365 Backup

Don’t risk data loss - establish redundancy.

Back up your Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Cloud storage is included, with worldwide data centers to keep your data in your region.

  • Retain backups for seven years, even for inactive accounts.
  • Automatically back up Exchange mailboxes, contacts, and calendars up to six times a day.
  • Protect SharePoint sites and permissions, including custom and sub-libraries, as well as OneDrive data and permissions with up to four backups a day.
  • Attain compliance in industries mandating Cloud and SaaS backups​.

Phishing Simulation

Strengthen the safety and security of your business against phishing attacks with comprehensive employee training using sophisticated phishing simulations. Empower your staff to mount a strong defense against cybercrime.

  • Empower your staff with tools to mount a strong defense against cybercrime.
  • Automated campaign management tools make setting up and running campaigns a breeze for your staff.
  • Equip Your Employees with insights into the risks of social engineering, allowing them to recognize potential threats and take proactive steps to safeguard your business.


  • Ability to send realistic phishing email to employees in order to gauge their awareness of attacks and what to do with phishing emails when they receive them.
  • Reporting to assist with identifying weaknesses in the security posture of your business, which can then be addressed with supplemental training.

IT Support + Cyber Support Service Packages